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4 reasons to choose SUN LOUVERS

Sun control and shading is a critical element in preserving a home’s welcoming environment and avoiding unnecessary discomfort, especially in warmer regions. Sun louvers is one aesthetic form of sun control which can be adjusted to ensure only a fixed amount of light enters the room while capturing the heat and glare to prevent the interior from getting scorched.
Keat Hong Glass & Aluminuim SDN BHD is one quality manufacturing company. The company offers an array of different products at competitive rates. Customers can choose from many types of sun louvers, including the most sought after aluminium sun louver, with an effective width size and thickness, as well as panel spacing based accessories. Other categories include aerofoil louvers, box louvers and many others.
Benefits Of Using Aluminium Sun Louvers
Aluminium sun louvers are a great way to keep a home’s atmosphere cool without investing too much on maintenance.

  • Aesthetic value. Shiny aluminium sun louvers come in a variety of shades and colors and can be used decoratively.
  • Plant-friendly
  • Protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Economic advantages that come with their installation as the use of air conditional can be reduced.

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