Bullet Resistant Safety Glass
Product Description

Aijaya Bullet Resistant Safety Glass range is designed to stop bullets and prevent spalling on the opposite side of the impact, while maintaining complete visibility and light transmission.

Aijaya Bullet Resistant Safety Glass is a high-quality composite that combines the properties of DuPont SentryGlasR Plus and SpallshieldR with the abrasion resistance of glass. These laminated glass vary in thickness and composition according to the type of weapon and ammunition protected against, and the degree of protection required.

Product Features

The SpallshieldR at the back face of the panel will provide anti-spalling protection.

Due to SpallshieldR, a person impacting the glass on the protected side will not be lacerated by broken glass.

UV Protection
Nearly all the sun’s damaging UV rays will be filtered out by the panel, thus providing protection against discolouration and damage to fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, furnishing, artworks, etc

Thinner Panel
Aijaya Bullet Resistant Safety Glass is currently one of the thinnest bullet resistant glass in the market for the respective protections levels.
  • Banks
  • Cash counters
  • Jewellery stores
Product Applications

Of Panel
Type of Weapon Calibre Ammunition Range Number of Strikes Panel Thickness(mm)
G0 9mm Handgun 9mm Parabellum 8.0g FMJ 3m 3 16.78
G1 0.357 Magnum Handgun 0.357 Magnum 10.2Gjsp 3m 3 25.06
G2 0.44 Magnum Handgun 0.44 Magnum 15.6gSWC 3m 3 32.06
R1 5.56 Rifle 5.56mm x 45 M193 3.6g 10m 3 37.06
R2 7.62 Rifle 7.62mm x51 Nato Standard 9.3g 10m 3 48.34

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